Welcome to our Sunday school page! We would love to meet you. 

Sunday school is fun, casual, and what you learn in Sunday School will help you at home, in school, and wherever you go.

What will you learn when you come to Sunday School? You will be part of a class with a teacher. Teachers and students explore the Bible stories and important lessons like the Ten Commandments, Beatitudes and the Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson together. Some of the Bible Lesson subjects are God, Love, Truth, Spirit, Soul. Students are taught about their inherent relationship with their divine Source – a God who is Love. The lessons you are taught support you in decisions, health, morals, academics, and your view of yourself. 
We are always happy to have new students visit or enroll! Classes range from birth – 19.
Sunday school classes gather at the same time as the church services.

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What's going on in Sunday School

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