Contact Information


The following is a location address ONLY. 

Please do not send correspondence to this temporary address. All correspondence should be mailed to: PO Box 2055 Bend, OR 97709, or our email address:


First Church of Christ, Scientist, Bend

is holding Sunday and Wednesday services in the Central Oregon Collective Building

62070 SE 27th Street,

Bend, OR 97701

Drive east on rte. 20 (Greenwood Ave.) from downtown Bend, cross E. 27th continuing east and turn at first right at entrance to Walgreens and Wilco, make the next right and continue through Wilco parking area until entrance to COC parking, on left (use upper level door). The COC is visible from 27th, just south of Schlotzsky's Deli. If you require assistance with these directions, please contact Bob Benedict, Clerk for First Church of Christ, Scientist, Bend at


Our new Church location at the Central Oregon Collective (COC) has many activities that are hosted at their location. The staff is extremely busy handling these events. As a consequence, if any Church Members or Friends have questions or inquiries for information regarding our new location, please direct those to an Executive Board Member or to the Clerk, at I have asked that any future calls received from Church-related parties to COC be referred to me, the Clerk.

Thank you for your understanding.

Bob Benedict, Clerk