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Christian Science Talk "Learn to pray and heal: A spiritual adventure" given by Nate Fredrick CS

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Nate Fredrick is a member of The Christian Science Board of Lectureship. He will be visiting Bend in May to give a free Christian Science talk, "Learn to pray and heal: A spiritual adventure".  

Location: Tykeson Hall on the OSU Bend Cascades campus

OSU Bend Cascades Campus


Here is some background about Nate Fredrick starting with a message from Nate on Youtube

Experiencing first-hand the healing power of Love is Nate’s favorite thing.  It’s what makes him tick.

Nate studied perennial religion at Hampshire College where he was introduced to Christian Science healing.  Although he was enamored with the academic exploration of spirituality, what he truly desired most was to practice spirituality in a tangible way — he wanted to experience God and heal others.

After traveling the world for a year and hiking extensively in the Himalayas, Nate came to Boston in 2008 to work for his church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist.  Since then, he has served in many capacities, including launching and producing your Daily Lift and Time4Thinkers’ Weekly Musician podcasts. Nate also helped pioneer the online Sunday School at The Mother Church; helped launch a branch church in Jamaica Plain, MA; served as reader, soloist and Sunday School teacher in branch churches; worked as a counselor and wilderness trip leader for six years at Camp Owatonna; has shared the Good News at jails, rehab centers and interfaith-events.  He’s also been widely involved in composing, producing and performing Christian music.

Nate's many hobbies includes adventuring in the outdoors, writing songs and cooking. But he says, “Without comparison, my greatest love, my greatest joy— my mission — is to transform lives and heal the sick through Christianly Scientific prayer.”


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"Freedom Is Ours Now!" A Christian Science live discourse with Pat Woodard CS

There are times when we yearn for a greater sense of freedom whether it applies to our finances, health, career, relationships, or well-being. Christ Jesus gave us a new and higher view of God and man that brings a deep and lasting freedom. Come and hear personal experiences of healing that prove your God-given freedom, your real heritage, your right to happiness and health, and your inherent ability to feel God's love in your own experiences.

You, your friends and family are invited to hear a lecture entitled, “Freedom is ours Now!” by Patricia Woodard, CS, from Dallas, Texas, a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. It will be held on Sunday, April 22, at 2:00 pm at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Beaverton.  Parking and childcare will be provided. 


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